Ideally, this piece would be shown in a sufficiently large room that would allow space to easily project onto the six surfaces of the cube.  Instead of being 3x3x3’, the cube would be at least 10x10x10’ to allow for ease of movement and large bodily motions.  In order to project onto the bottom surface of the cube, the cube would be suspended in air.  Additionally, the user would be standing on a transparent surface about three feet from the bottom of the cube; a surface strong enough to support a person’s weight.  The surface would also be a form of an omnidirectional treadmill so that the user could move in any direction.  The form of body tracking would be nearly identical to how I ultimately had it set up.  The user would attach a series of Wii remotes to his or her body, and these would be used to track motions.  In addition, I think I would like another way to track the body as well, just to make the whole experience more accurate.  This would probably be accomplished with a group of four to six Kinects – one for each side of the cube/person.

Additional Thoughts...
The Final Piece