Ever since the dawn of man, humans have strived to learn, create, and innovate; break the known laws and breach the limits of what was, at the time, known. Obviously there have been uncountable instances of this throughout the ages, but the first of which that inspired this project was the moon landing of Apollo 11. To me, this was the first time a science fiction type dream was accomplished by humans; certainly it was, and may still be, the biggest. Never before had humans accomplished something that so many thought completely impossible. They thought it so impossible, that the possibility of it happening never even crossed their minds. I feel that nothing since that day has even come close to being as impossible as man flying into outer space in a metal tube and landing on the small orbiting planetoid we see every night.
            Since then, humans have accomplished technological feat after technological feat. In particular, the incredible boom of computer related technologies has seen mind numbing results. Beginning in the 1980s, computers really saw their first big boom. While the "personal computer" was introduced in the 70s, it did not see its unimaginable popularity until the 80s. People around the world went from thinking that computers were an unnecessary luxury to believing that every household should own at least one such machine. In just the 30-20 year span since then, computers have become tens to hundreds of thousands (even millions!) times faster than computers of yesteryears. Back in the 80s, the average computer worked with around 64 kilobytes of RAM and 10 megabytes of hard drive space (if you were lucky), whereas now we are dealing with computers that have, on average, two to four gigabytes of RAM and a few hundred gigabytes of hard drive space. Even now, computers are still constantly developing. Computers double their data capacity roughly every 18 months with the "older" versions severely dropping in price. Even when I was in high school, the thought of every student having his or her own mobile computer in a class room was just fantasy‚Ķ To me, this is one aspect of humans' "science fiction" dream that has absolutely become a reality.
            Many more examples of "science fiction" dreams (that many thought impossible) are flying cars, jetpacks, teleportation, instant meals, time travel, intelligent robots, robotic armor, holograms, and deep space travel. Some of these have already been invented and are used in every day life. For example the microwave that provides hot, fully cooked, ready to eat meals in as little as one minute. Others such as flying cars and jetpacks are mere years away from being perfected. All of these dreams however, are no longer considered impossible; it is just a matter of time before these technologies are invented and eventually perfected.
Artist Statement